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      It is very hard to find material that is both funny and informative on the Internet.  It seems that you can either read up on the latest news stories or watch mind-numbingly unintelligent Youtube videos, usually involving cats.  However, one website that I have been reading for a few years now is combining these two vastly different desires (entertainment and information) into one, well organized, easy-to-navigate web page.  is the website.  Launched in 2007 as a spinoff of Cracked Magazine, which was founded in 1958 to offer readers a Mad Magazine-like satire, the for-profit site is currently owned by Demand Media. features articles and videos about a slew of different topics; movies, TV, technology, science, sports, and many more. Now, while the articles can be informative, Cracked prides itself on being a humor-first site. Their goal is to make you laugh, but there are certain articles that can teach you things.  For example, one of the recent articles under the Science category is “8 Simple Questions You Won’t Believe Science Can’t Answer” .  The number one question is, how does gravity work?  The author then goes into a detailed discussion about how two magnets snapping together is 10^36 times more powerful than gravity, and yet, gravity holds the entire universe together.  It’s definitely some interesting stuff.  The website features a mix of authors who work for the website, and user generated content.  But, honestly, I usually can’t tell if the professionals or the users write it — it’s written well and that’s all that matters to me.

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