The Weekly Special – Frank’s Fresh Pickling Co.

For this week’s Weekly Special, we are highlighting Frank’s Fresh Pickling Co. in the Village of New Paltz. Located on Main Street, between Best Pizza and Hudson Valley Cheesecake, Frank’s is a locally owned Italian-style deli known for their pickles and unique sandwiches.  

A Vegetarian Italian Sandwich Review:

By Olivia Sippel

As a vegetarian in a small town, I am always trying to explore my options and I always think, “Man, wouldn’t a sandwich be good right now?” Since I have yet to try a sandwich that gave me that satisfaction, I decided that I needed to find one in New Paltz. 

I wanted the basics: A nice, soft yet crunchy roll, a layer of some sort of cheese, plus lettuce and other vegetables. Frank’s Fresh Pickling Co. delivered just that. 

Previously, I’ve only been in for an on-the-go pickle, which I do have to say might be some of the best pickles in the Hudson Valley area. 

I called to pick up my order and the woman greeting me on the phone was friendly and helpful. I told her to give me the best vegetarian sandwich they’ve got, and that’s when I stumbled upon, the Heddy Veggie. 

Sandwich wrapped to-go with pickle wrapped on the side. Photo by Olivia Sippel.

This sandwich was stacked with balsamic vinegar-soaked vegetables, fresh mozzarella, arugula and tomato on a nice pillowy hoagie roll. It did not disappoint. 

Heddy Veggie sandwich wrapped with arugula, tomato, arugula, balsamic vinegar and balsamic vegetables. Photo by Olivia Sippel.

Typically, I dislike balsamic vinegar vegetables since they tend to get mushy and flavorless, but here, the balsamic was the star of the show. Those matched perfectly with everything else on the sub. The mozzarella did in fact taste fresh. Even though I usually remove tomatoes, I am happy I didn’t. They were not overpowering and added a nice crunch with the arugula. It was filling and worth the trip. 

I think I finally found my sandwich spot in New Paltz. The sandwich was so big that I saved half of it for later. The Heddy and a pickle ran me $12.80, which is worth the price. I would recommend any vegetarian craving a fulfilling Italian sub to go here.

A Picky Eater’s Take on a Frank’s Fresh Sandwich: 

By Alyssa Sciarrone

I have been a picky eater my entire life. Over the years, I have slowly tried to implement new foods or combinations in my rotation. A staple of mine was always a ham sandwich with mayonnaise on Italian bread. However, stepping into Frank’s Fresh I was determined to push myself and go out of my comfort zone. 

I wanted something new; a combination I would never come up with myself, but at the same time, I needed a note of familiarity to narrow down my choices. After much deliberation, I decided on the Cubano. 

The Cubano is ham, dill pickles — my familiar tastes —  Voodoo roast pork, Swiss and dijon aioli — the new and exciting — all stacked on a hoagie. As a “discerning” eater, one of my biggest issues has been with cheeses, so I was nervous about the Swiss. Yet the Cubano has proven Swiss cheese’s worth to me.

Franks Fresh pickle unwrapped. Note, the pickle changes in size depending on the cucumbers in stock. Photo by Olivia Sippel.

The sandwich has a great flavor profile with the smokey taste of the roast pork mixed with the slightly sweeter ham. Both were moist and tasted freshly cut. The mild flavor of the melted Swiss and the lemony, mustard, garlic-esque dijon aioli complement the meats perfectly. The pickles offer some sourness and some extra crunch. 

It was extremely filling as the sandwich was just about a footlong at my estimate. In total this huge sandwich cost me $12.80 with tax and tip. I would say, money well spent. 

Sitting down to eat at Frank’s added to my pleasant experience. The guys in the back making the sandwiches and the woman manning the counter made welcoming small talk with me as I decided on my order. I sat at the counter looking out the window eating my sandwich. 

When I was done, I took a look around the rest of the shop. I checked out their deli items for sale, like a crispy-looking coleslaw as well as their jars of pickled onions, beets and of course, pickles. Their merchandise is also out for viewing and purchasing, all bearing their logo of a sunflower.  

I highly recommend Frank’s Fresh, especially the Cubano, and encourage anyone to get out of their comfort zone and try the whole menu as I plan to do with my remaining time at New Paltz. 

Frank’s Fresh is offering their mouthwatering bites every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on New Paltz’s Main Street. Shipping information for their sauces are available on their website along with menus and seasonal deli case descriptions. Contact Frank’s Fresh with any questions at (845) 633-8037

Alyssa Sciarrone and Olivia Sippel

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