The Weekly Special – Peace, Love & Cupcakes

Woodstock’s center for confections and music themed munchies

This week’s special is all about guilty pleasures, featuring Woodstock, New York’s Peace, Love & Cupcakes. Multi-award-winning shop owner Janice Hardgrove-Kollar left behind her singing career and opted for the sweet life of baking, noticing that Woodstock in particular had a lack of confectionary culture. Now, Peace, Love & Cupcakes creates creative weekly menus with musical themes throughout. It is Woodstock after all. 

While there are seasonal specialties, cookies, brownies and gluten-free options, the stars of the show are the cupcakes. Hardgrove-Kollar offers around 17 sugary options weekly. Some customer favorites include The Joe Cocker, with vanilla buttermilk cake, a creamy caramel buttercream frosting and topped with a drizzle of luscious caramel and sea salt flakes; The Jerry Garcia, one of their many vegan options: banana cake with a double fudge frosting; and finally, The Who, a buttermilk or devil’s food cake, filled with a sweet center of Nutella, topped with a vanilla Nutella buttercream frosting. 

The fudgy and peanut butter swirl  brownies at Peace, Love & Cupcakes are 99% gluten-free, offering options for everyone. Photo courtesy of Peace, Love & Cupcakes Facebook

But this week’s special brings us back to one of Hardgrove-Kollar’s many awards. We’re featuring her Food Network-winning Pretzel Hippie Chipper Sandwich Cookie. Nestled between two warm and gooey chocolate chip and pretzel cookies is her famous peanut butter pretzel truffle filling. To top it all off, the decadent sandwich is rolled in crushed pretzels and chocolate sprinkles for that extra hint of sweet and salty deliciousness. 

Owner Hardgrove-Kollar has accomplished a lot in the baking field, including previously owning her own cookie brand, Kollar Cookies, nearly winning the Pillsbury Bake-off, winning two Food Network competitions, appearing on the foodie favorite show “Rewrapped” and publishing a cookbook with Wiley Press. 

This is the cupcake to top all cupcakes, the one that won on the Food Network… Old fashioned chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting. The classics. Photo courtesy of Peace, Love & Cupcake’s Facebook

The home of the hippest place for cupcakes and cookies in Woodstock is located at 54 Tinker St. Woodstock, NY. They are only open on the weekends from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or until they sell out for the day. Any questions or pre-orders can be made at 845-247-3687.

Nola Storms

Nola Storms is an up-and-coming journalist with a special interest in culinary arts. After starting her higher education at the University of Rhode Island, she made the transition to SUNY New Paltz, pursuing a journalism degree. She is now in her senior year at New Paltz, having completed her degree in three years instead of four. Writing from Amenia, New York, she has a portfolio of published works in collaboration with Chronogram Media, a non-political business and culture magazine.

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