Pat Ryan Beats Colin Schmitt by the Skin of His Teeth

Pat Ryan declared victory early yesterday morning. Photo is courtesy of Pat Ryan via Twitter.

The story was published in partnership with The Legislative Gazette.

Democratic Congressman Pat Ryan declared victory around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning to become the congressman for New York’s newly drawn District 18

Out of 490,458 active registered voters in the district, the New York State Board of Elections determined that 266,360 total votes were cast.

Ryan received 49.35 percent of votes and Republican state Assemblyman Colin Schmitt received 48.57 percent of votes. Ryan won by a razor-thin margin of 0.78 percent.

A total of 167,041 active registered voters from parts of Dutchess County voted in favor of Ryan who won with 51.15 percent of the vote over Schmitt’s 47.32 percent. There were a total of 95,208 votes cast from this region.

Orange County contributed 241,134 active registered voters to the election with a total of 122,404 votes being cast. Schmitt led Orange County with a total of 52.64 percent of the vote to Ryan’s 44.57 percent.

Finally, Ulster County supplied another 82,283 active registered voters pool citing a total of 48,748 votes cast. Ryan dominated in Ulster receiving 57.85 percent of the vote to Schmitt’s 40.81 percent of the vote.

Credit: Caleb Guerrido

“After a hard-fought campaign the people of our district made their choice and I respect their decision. I wish the best for Pat Ryan and hope he will do great things for our Hudson Valley families,” said Schmitt, who called Ryan last night to concede.

Christian Evanko

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