Undiscovered New Paltz: The Awareness Shop

For students and residents alike, New Paltz hosts a variety of resources for health of the mind and body.

But what about spiritual health? The Awareness Shop, right next to the Convenient Deli plaza on Main Street, is an often overlooked yet abundantly unique and useful source for all or most unconventional needs.

Many who pass by that lavender house with the maypole and fire pit in the yard wonder what it’s all about, but haven’t had the chance – or perhaps the calling – to discover it.

“People who are meant to find us, those are the ones who find us,” said psychic and shop owner Lisa Stewart. She has found that people are driven to wander into the shop when they reach a “spiritual awakening” which inspires that specific curiosity in them and leads them to the shop.

Before entering, there is a sign that asks to please leave all negative energy at the door. The enchanting store contains a multitude of what Stewart calls “all your metaphysical needs.” Books, tarot cards, incense, candles, jewelry and gemstones are among the trinkets and magical tools that decorate the shelves. Many of the objects are handmade with special intention to give them additional spiritual value, including the candles made by the shop’s other owner and Lisa’s husband, Anton Stewart.

If your spiritual journey leads you to seek guidance beyond the products offered by the store, the staff of psychics, spiritual counselors, clairvoyants and experts of a wide variety of subjects is eager to help.

Psychic readings, tarot and palm readings, past life explorations, Reiki training, and other workshops are offered by the shop’s specialists. Anton and Lisa are also happy to answer any questions or provide guidance to those who seek it.

The world of the metaphysical may not be for everyone, but the Awareness Shop is certainly a distinctive part of New Paltz into which one’s curiosity is worth indulging. Calling itself “a magickal place for magickal people,” it lends itself to the spooky, mystical, new age interests of anyone with an active imagination and desire to explore what may lie beyond the mundane.

The shop is open 7 days a week and can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheAwarenessShop

TheAwarenessShop and on their website at awarenessshop.com.
















Audrey Brand

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