Well-being with Meaning: Making Finals Week Easier (Continued)

Here are three simple things that may help you when you’re doing work in the next couple of weeks. PLEASE post comments about what helps you study, I need some advice too!

Make a list. I find that jotting down what I’ve got to accomplish ‘today’ makes the overwhelming amount of work I’ve got to do, not so overwhelming. It comes back to the ‘take one thing at a time’ deal. Plus, crossing off tasks after you’ve completed them feels really gratifying. See if this tactic helps you as much as it helps me.

Change locations. I read in a New York Times article (I apologize I can’t find the article) that changing locations every two hours while studying increases the chance of remembering the information you’re trying to retain. Taking breaks are incredibly helpful. Take a walk around the library. Do a forward bend in your bedroom. Breathe.

Recite the information. I find that speaking out loud helps organize my thoughts. I’m lucky because I have two caring roommates who listen to whatever I have to say, whether or not they’re interested. So try telling a friend what you’ve learned. If you can clearly explain what you’ve been studying, you’re on your way to rocking those exams.  If you’re an artist attempting to complete assignments, I’d suggest taking your work home. I feel at ease making artwork in my bed room. The space is my own and with my best friends around, its an easy place to take breaks and lighten up a bit.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Happy Holidays!

Cat Juliano

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