Reel Noteworthy: Super Troopers (2001) Jay Chandrasekhar

Going over previous posts on this blog, I realized that I’ve only written about movies that are funny for the wrong reasons. And while Tamara and Obsessed are pure entertainment, it would be nice to talk about a film that was funny for the right ones.

Broken Lizard’s Super Troopers gives a new angle to the “stoner comedy” genre. The movie’s about the wild antics of a group of rowdy highway cops as they try to bust a drug cartel. Along the way, they encounter corrupt local cops, state budget cuts, and a feral warthog.

The film stars the comedy troupe Broken Lizard (Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, and Jay Chandrasekhar, who also directed the film). Brian Cox (The Ring) plays the station’s captain, and does a great job of keeping up with his younger co-stars. The scene towards the end of the film where he drunkenly fights the local police chief is one for the ages.

Truth be told, Heffernan’s performance as the bumbling Officer Rod Farva steals the picture for me. He’s so awkward and unlikeable that it’s difficult not to laugh. I’ll never look at powdered sugar the same way again.

I think the main reason I love this movie so much is the hilariously quotable dialogue. From the very first scene of the movie, where Mac (Lemme) bellows “YOU BOYS LIKE MEX-EE-CO?” to a bunch of stoners as he pretends to hijack the cop car, I was in tears.

My personal favorite line is from a bystander at a baseball game the highway and local cops both attend. One of the local cops is holding a rather large cotton candy, and refuses to move it, despite protests from the crowd. Finally, after being harassed to move “that gigantic cotton candy,” he snaps. He turns around, slams the cotton candy down onto the protestor’s face, and shouts, “How’s the view from sugar heaven, bitch?” Epic.

All of this, coupled with a cameo from the ageless Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), makes for a great film.

View the trailer here!

Keith Carroll

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