Well-being with Meaning: Eat this, Ya Turkey!

It’s always difficult to think “eat well, portion control” when it’s time to give thanks alongside the people you love. Plus, who wants to deprive themselves when faced with a table covered in your grandmother’s most delicious demonstration of Thanksgiving cooking? You’ve got to admit though, the most mouthwatering dishes are those placed to the side of that big ol’ turkey.

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Puree

As we put our grueling school schedules on hold to travel home, it’s nice to know it’s not yet our responsibility to conjure up the infamous Thanksgiving meal (if it is – kudos). But as the temperature descends prior to Thanksgiving, we have the propensity to get cozy and cook! So I thought I’d share The New York Times Health Thanksgiving frenzy. All month the health section is featuring absolutely delectable vegetarian dishes that are easy to make and fun to eat. The ‘Giving Thanks for Vegetables, Not Turkey‘ article by Tara Parker-Pope got me started and since then I’ve found so many healthy recipe ideas for the holidays.

It’s hard not to overindulge during our holiday meals, so maybe you could suggest or contribute new healthy dishes. Or keep these ideas in mind for when it’s your time to prepare the meal. Don’t forget to set aside some time during your holiday break for yourself. Take a walk with your parents, cozy up with your siblings, forget about all the work you’ve got to finish and have some you time. I wish everyone a happy holiday. Please, please, please feel free to post a recipe you’ve found and love or even a Thanksgiving moment that you’d like to share.

Cabbage and Caramelized Onion Tart

I thought you’d like to see the Times Topics: Thanksgiving Day page and the Vegetarian Comfort Food at Thanksgiving page as well.

Cat Juliano

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