New Paltz Cinema Recovers from Pandemic

The New Paltz Cinema has been around for decades and has most recently faced the depths of a global pandemic. As it continues to survive through this pandemic the workers and customers show strength and resilience through its perseverance. Customers and employees share their stories of what makes this cinema so special and their hopes for it in the future.

Created by: Alison Aaron, Danielle Cavaliere, Claire Hasson

Little Rebellion

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Astronomy Night at the John R. Kirk Planetarium

Mon Oct 3 , 2022
SUNY New Paltz’s Physics and Astronomy department will offer planetarium shows every other Thursday with the aid of its students at the John R. Kirk Planetarium (Coykendall Science Building) on the New Paltz campus. Astronomy Night will take place at 7:30 p.m. and will be open to the public with […]


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