New Paltz Students Showcase Fall Fashion Statements

When it comes to self-expression, New Paltz students tend to have no inhibitions. With fall weather upon us, these fashionable students showcase their favorite looks for class, coffee dates, concerts and everything in between!

1. Trendy Thrifter Alannah Giannino

With a bald head comes a lot of attention, and Alannah definitely masters how to use that to her advantage. Comfy sweaters and neutral tones allow her to run errands and grab coffee without too many stares; yet she can take her look from cozy to chic with a white collar peeking out of a sleek black velvet dress. By finding ideal pieces of clothing at the Salvation Army or her dad’s closet, Alannah ensures that her fall look always emphasizes comfort!

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2. Death by Designer Luke Krsnak

Straying far from the hippy-dippy aesthetic that surrounds New Paltz, Luke opts for sleek and cutting-edge fashion choices. Donning high-end designers like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester, he brings the edginess of New York City street fashion to campus. With a lot of black and earthy tones, he is able to layer pieces effortlessly–which is essential on a chilly fall night.

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3. Sassy Seamstress Oisín Iodice

While others may hunt high and low for the perfect fashion finds, Oisín prefers to use her energy in a way that will yield the perfect result for her by sewing her own clothes. It allows her to perfectly encapsulate her own personal aesthetic into a single article of clothing, while ensuring that the overall quality of the garment is up to her scrupulous standards. With a lot of varying patterns and textures, Oisín gives the essentials of “punk” fashion a whole new look.

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4. Feminine Favorites Emma Langbert

Although they identify as non-binary, Emma has a preference for frilly, feminine pieces. Mesh, floral and soft materials make up a majority of their wardrobe. Although they love a solid black piece, like the slinky velvet dress they effortlessly model, there are certain colors that really speaks to them. Hues of red and blue make it into their wardrobe often, while ultra-feminine shades of pink are harder to come across.

Check out this interactive map to see where these models love to shop, and maybe pick up some pieces inspired by them.

Natalia Keogan

My name is Natalia Keogan. I'm from New Jersey but spend my time between semesters working in NYC. I'm graduating from SUNY New Paltz in May 2017 and I love fashion and literature!

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