Unison Gallery Art Show

artwork by Barbara Gordon

Local painters Barbara Gordon and Dana Schutzer will display their work in a show at the Unison Gallery located at 68 Mountain Rest Rd. in New Paltz on Saturday, Nov. 8, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Unison’s gallery committee liked the two artists’ work and decided to pair them in a show, Stuart Bigley said, executive director of Unison.

“I think that the two of us will work very well together because we both have a similar figurative abstraction background,” Gordon said, a painter and filmmaker from Accord.

She is working on a series called “On the Road,” inspired by a car trip she took from Ellenville to Accord in the rain.

“I started with three paintings and expanded it to looking at what the road passes,” Gordon said. “They’re called road works.” She will show the paintings at Unison.

Although she comes from an abstract expressionist background, Gordon said these paintings are figurative.

Gordon plans to show about 13 medium-sized paintings and 10 very small ones.

Schutzer, an art teacher from Yonkers, will be showing paintings of night cityscape scenes. She has been working on these paintings for the last few summers.

“In the summer people are outside and I like to combine figures and the city so this gives me the opportunity to have subjects out on the street,” she said.

According to Bigley, both Gordon and Schutzer have a similar quality to their work.

“We just felt like their work would work well together. The way they use paint in some ways is similar. They’re both into pretty bold paint strokes,” he said.

Schutzer said she is looking forward to seeing who the viewers are.

“Unfortunately, not many people look at artwork from artists who aren’t famous,” she said. “Although we continue to toil in obscurity, it’s very nice when we do get to have our work seen.”

Amanda Scott

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