How to Stay Fit in College

From wing nights at McGillicuddy’s to Happy Hour at P&G’s, SUNY New Paltz students face tons of temptations that can lead to unwanted weight gain. With classes, after school clubs and going to work, it’s often a mystery how college students can find time to stay in shape. Luckily, SUNY New Paltz offers tons of options to stay fit for the “where-is-the-gym-beginner” to the avid “gym rat.” Here are options for staying committed to living a healthier lifestyle:

1. Find Out What Type Of Exercise Fits You

SUNY New Paltz offers plenty of opportunities to get active and stay fit. “You can join a sports team, intramural team or even just follow a workout plan in your dorm,” said Danielle Weisbord, cycle instructor at the Elting Gym. The gym offers over 10 classes ranging from yoga to zumba. If that’s not your thing, you can always sign up for a free personal trainer.

2. Make A Plan

Look at your schedule and figure out when you have breaks between classes. “Making a strict time schedule will help you stay motivated and keep you on track with exercising,” said Bryan Lurie, SUNY New Paltz Head Athletic Trainer. Spontaneous decisions to workout are great, but most likely won’t help you turn that gym trip into a habit.

  • Taylor Ricciardi welcomes students and swipes them into the Athletic and Wellness Center. Photos by Mae Bonnaci

3. Find A Gym Buddy

So you’ve decided what workout routine works best for you and you’ve arranged a workout schedule. Now, you need someone to go with. Most people prefer working out with a friend. “They encourage you to stick with your plan, and can make working out fun,” says Taylor Ricciardi, SUNY New Paltz student athletic trainer. Grab a friend and inspire them to get active too. They’ll thank you for it later.

4. Look For Opportunities To Make Your Body Work Harder

Exercise doesn’t always have to take place in the gym. “Take the longer walk to class, or ride a bike instead of walking,” says Ricciardi. If you’re feeling brave, go visit your professors in Jacobson Faculty Tower, but skip the elevator and take the stairs. Take advantage of everything New Paltz has to offer, including the breathtaking Rail Trail and hiking paths at Lake Minnewaska.

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in your daily routine. “Being well rested helps you stay on track, and will have you leaving workouts more energized instead of drained,” says Weisbord. Plus, by getting more sleep, you won’t have to compromise gym time for nap time. Lurie recommends at least seven to eight hours to feel your best and refreshed.

Keady Sullivan

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