An Important Message From The Little Rebellion

Dear Readers,

March is over and we’ve finally made it to April; can you believe it? With present times being so incredibly uncertain, we both have never been so confused with our emotions or our place in the world in our entire lives. This is an extremely difficult time for everyone and The Little Rebellion wants to be there for everyone and help in the best way we can. Our goal is to give everyone a break from the noise—we have nearly a dozen features just posted from our “underground” series for you to read, look at and listen to—and more content soon to come. 

While not ignoring the current state of the planet and our community (coverage of COVID-19 still needs to be spoken about in some capacity), we want to remind you, our readers, that The Little Rebellion is here to give you a voice in a time that seems to be making us all feel so small and unheard. The foundation of what The Little Rebellion stands for has always been to give readers a fresh perspective; free of agenda or bias, while embracing the culture and community we serve; New Paltz. This pandemic doesn’t change that. We want your voices to be heard through the storytelling and reporting we love to do the absolute most. 

As seniors in our final semester, the two of us are deeply saddened by the postponement of graduation and overall disruption of life on campus. We would love to hear you since we predict many feel the same way. Our email is always open to any thoughts you feel safe sharing–even if it isn’t a pitch for an article, we’re here to hear you. This is an essential time, for everyone, to indulge in self-love and care. 

Like us, we’re sure you’re overwhelmed with the shift to online learning. You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we think it’s important to value these feelings and take a deep breath. Remember that your friends, fellow students and faculty are also deeply affected by this. If not us, reach out to someone on campus. There are campus-wide resources for remote education, technical help and more. 

If you need an outlet to share your work and words, feel free to send us anything you’ve been writing, photographing or creating. Our publication is and always has been open to hearing your pitches for alternative news, photo essays, audio stories, videos and more— especially now. Now is the time to stand up and yell, be heard. Remember, a little rebellion every now and then is a good thing.

Happy and Healthy,

Nadine Cafaro and Annemarie Durkin


Little Rebellion

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