Room 306

Lisa patiently waits to enter room 306 in Van den Berg Hall for her appointment.  She needs to sign up for classes for next semester, but must get them approved first by her adviser. As a girl with an orange backpack rushes out, Lisa rises from the uncomfortable metal seat and walks into the room.

“Hi,” the adviser says.

Geez, you don‘t even know my fucking name, do you?

Lisa takes out the class schedule she hopes to have next semester, while her adviser stares at the computer screen. Not knowing what to say next, Lisa looks around the room and sees a framed family picture on a bookshelf.

Wow, she has a family. Who would have known?

“These are the general education classes that you need to fulfill before you graduate,” the adviser says.

I don’t see the point of this. I’m sitting here with a complete stranger who is gonna to tell me what classes I’m gonna enjoy. I’m starving. Can you hurry up?

The adviser passes Lisa a list of classes about 10 pages long.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this? It looks like it’s in another language -probably the same one you’re speaking in since I don’t understand a word you’re saying.

“Take this class,” the adviser says.

American Economic Development. What the hell? I thought these classes were supposed to be easy.

“Why should I?” Lisa asks.

“Because it looks better,” the adviser responds.

Bitch. What kind of answer is that?

Two minutes pass as Lisa revises her schedule. “Here are my final choices,” she says and hands the adviser her messy sheet of paper.

The adviser glances at it and returns it to Lisa. “You‘re all set,” she says. “I just need to give you your ARN.” The adviser jots down the four-digit Adviser Release Number and hands the yellow Post-it to Lisa.

“See you soon,” the adviser says.

That’s it? She better know what the hell she’s talking about.

Lisa gathers her papers and book bag and heads toward the door. She isn’t fully out before the next student is making her way inside room 306.

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