Corona TV: A Collection of Student-made Videos

Same Same, But Different

All videos were made as part of SUNY New Paltz Professor Robert Harris’ Field Production class. These short films show student’s interpretations of life during a national pandemic.

Corona Time by Johnny Stimmel

“An unforeseen issue when forced to work at home.”

Flashing Lights by Olayinka Daramola

“In the world a virus has broken out, it has caused our environment to be dangerous. People are desperate to get supplies and quickly return to their homes where they are safe, but a higher power smiles as they know it’s not enough and over time people will suffer.”

HBDAY-19 by Taylor Dillon

“A short film showcasing just one of the small effects that COVID-19 has had on families everywhere.”

defensive entrances by Rebecca Kavaler

Bubbled by “everysamthing”

“Before and after of social distancing… as well as a dip into our possible psyche right now.”

Appetite Control by Justin Rampert

“A PSA for all pet owners. Make a difference during these dark times…”

Date Night – Corona Edition by Juliana Sebben

“A girl prepares for a date in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Earth Endures by Isabella Lawkins

“The extraordinary impact of COVID-19 has changed the way of life for millions of people; there is panic and hysteria filling the world. This captures the essence of nature, where despite the state of the world, it still endures and thrives in contrast to how humanity is affected. We can appreciate blooming flowers and birds still singing.”

In Short Supply by Toma Vardhami

“During the heat of a global pandemic, a man-turned-spy seeks justice against a not-so-stealthy thief.”

Repetition by Emily Goldman

 “Hinting at all the anxiety we are facing during this difficult time.”

Time to Reflect by Matthew Chiarelli

New Normal by Annarose Vallone

“A daily routine that has been followed for years, but has suddenly become a little more lonely.”

Field Production Class 2020

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