“Brooklyn”- A Student’s Powerful Story

By Kelly Zhang SUNY New Paltz student Kelly Zhang puts together a composition for Kimberly Ruth’s Spring 2019 Digital Storytelling

“The Brooklyn video was an idea that came to me after my study abroad in London. I was traveling around Europe and people just assumed that I was from Asia.  I remember landing at the El Prat Airport in Barcelona and walking past two guys who screamed “Ni hao” (hello in Mandarin) and laughing. Another time I was talking to the airport worker in English and out of nowhere he said “xiexie” (thank you in Mandarin) to me. I want people to be more aware that there are other types of Asian people.”

Kelly Zhang, a SUNY New Paltz student, produces a powerful message for Kimberly Ruth’s Spring 2019 Digital Storytelling class by sharing the meaning of being an Asian-American in this day and age. 

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