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Storify: TED Talk Speaker Scott Summit on 3D Printing

Scott Summit

On Nov. 7, TED speaker Scott Summit spoke at SUNY New Paltz in the Cokendall Science Building auditorium. His talk, entitled “Using the Body to Design the Body,” focused on how new 3D printing technologies are allowing for more sophisticated yet stylish…


Storify: 3D Printing at SUNY New Paltz

MakerBot Innovation CenterSUNY New Paltz’s Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center, aka the new 3D printing initiative, has created opportunities for students, individuals and businesses in the Hudson Valley.




Have a 3D Idea? Makerbot Innovation Center Welcomes All to Use Its Technology

By Kate Bunster

The Makerbot Innovation Center was installed at SUNY New Paltz last February, making it the first college in the country with a central 3D printing facility that allows anyone to submit files to be printed.

Since then, some of the campus community and nearby businesses have taken advantage of the service However, according to Dan Freedman, dean of the engineering program, overall outreach has been difficult due to low staffing.

To help combat this, the center has taken on Aaron Nelson who will run the innovation center along with the present student interns. In addition, workshops will be held at the center so students, community members and businesses can learn how to use the technology, set up files and to do basic design.

The unique aspect about SUNY New Paltz’s Makerbot Innovation Center is the way it’s set up.

“Most campuses have 3D printing in either the art, engineering or an architecture school, but they tend to be highly localized. What we’re trying to do is give access to everybody,” Freedman said.

Though the center stresses its extension beyond campus, it still takes pride in what it can offer students here on campus; the center has begun working with the art, engineering, science, mathematics, anthropology and business programs at SUNY New Paltz.

Although these departments have obvious applications to 3D printing, Freedman sees the craft expanding out and becoming a standard everyday tool in the future, just like personal computers.

But with the endless possibilities that 3D printing offers, it will take some time to figure out where any given person can apply it to their life on a day-to-day basis.

“Everyone uses real objects and when you have a tool that you can use to create virtually anything, it just takes awhile to absorb what exactly that is eventually going to mean,” Freedman said.

No matter what the application, Freedman is confident that 3D printing can be incorporated into just about anything.


Here’s what the editors of The Little Rebellion said they would like to 3D print.




In The Little Rebellion‘s exclusive interview with Dan Freedman, dean of the School of Science and Engineering, Freedman gave us a few examples of local entrepreneurs and business leaders allocating the new 3D printing center.





The documents below were distributed at Scott Summit’s lecture entitled “3-D Printing: Using the Body to Design for the Body” at SUNY New Paltz on Nov. 7, 2014.









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