Epic Glee Club at New Paltz

For the past two years Epic Glee Club has been voted by SUNY New Paltz as the best club on campus, but what is it about this club that makes it so special?  For Professor Lisa Phillips’ fall 2014 Digital Storytelling class, students Kelsey Fluery, Jacob Carter and Jennifer Hussein take a look in, get to know a few of the key members, and find out what it really takes to be apart of Epic Glee.

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If you found yourself stranded in the middle of the forest, would you know how to survive? Any wilderness expert will tell you the first thing to do is build a shelter, but it’s a skill known by fewer and fewer young people in an age where the closest the average teenager gets to the wilderness is Farmville. Jacob Carter spent five days in the forest building a wilderness shelter, learning valuable lessons about the wilderness — and himself — along the way.

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