Park Point


Discussion for Park Point: More Housing for Students

The Park Point project is a proposed residential development on the SUNY New Paltz campus. Currently in development with private company Wilmorite, the complex is inteded to provide housing for 700 students and approximately 30 faculty and staff members, according to SUNY New Paltz officials. The project would be built on 50 acres of land owned by the university that is located near the south entrance of campus and is adjacent to the University Police Department.

February 2014 update: In the hands of the Industrial Development Agency.




New Paltz Village Mayor Jason West attended the Nov. 19 Town of New Paltz Public Hearing and said he was not in support of the Park Point project due to tax exemptions.


Vice President of Student Affairs Ray Schwarz said the top priority of college administrators is to ensure the safetey of their students.


Looking for more information about Park Point New Paltz?

Check out the coverage by The New Paltz Oracle  regarding the public hearings, actions taken by campus officials and more.

The Park Point New Paltz website is also up and running, providing information on site plans, renderings and additional documents.

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