TLR Staff

“The Little Rebellion is an independent online digital publication produced by SUNY New Paltz students. We strive to be a creative platform for alternative news and viewpoints. We’ve grown into a multimedia experience that explores talent from our eclectic community. In our passion for telling stories, we embrace the culture of New Paltz and offer a fresh perspective. No agenda. No bias. Just a little rebellion now and then.”


Photo by Flor Najera; photo illustration by Emma Misiaszek 

  • Founder: Howard Good
  • Executive Editor: Nancy Meyer Heiz
  • Staff Members: FRONT ROW: Annemarie Durkin, Matthew Warshaw, Ophelia Xie, Amanda Gordon, Tina Staniscia ROW TWO: Ericka Francois, Valerie Pereyra, Maggie Gibson, Richie Monarch, Victoria Cymbal, Ally Turk, Erica Ruggiero, Max Freeburn, Anthony Lebron, David Hone, Joseph Juste, Nancy Heiz, Kevin Durk BACK ROW: Taylor Dowd, Nadine Cafaro, Bridget Peschel, Emma Misiaszek, Nicole Zanchelli, Jessica Barr