New Paltz Marches for the Future

Written and Packaged by Amanda M. Gordon

NEW PALTZ— Sounds of the battle drum ring out on the sidewalks of New Paltz. The battle against climate change has begun and some community members are answering its call.

On Dec. 6, a Climate Strike March took place starting outside of the Humanities building and ended with a rally outside of the Department of Environmental Conservation Headquarters on South Putt Corners Rd. This march was one of thousands of climate protests that make up FridaysforFuture, a youth led movement meant to address the issues that revolve around climate change and protest against the lack of action made by world leaders and pollution contributors. 

  • Musicians play their instruments as they march along with climate strikers. Formed in 2016, the Tin Horn Uprising aims to support activists through music.

Photos by Amanda M. Gordon

The 80 person strong protest walked from the corner of South Manheim Blvd to the Department of Environmental Services where several local activists and groups spoke on issues revolving around climate change. Local measures including moving the Town of New Paltz to turn to a solar power option and the concern for an impending gas-fired power plant being pushed in Newburgh by Danskammer Energy LLC and the Cricket Valley Energy Center being constructed in Dover.

“I’ve always had anxiety about the climate crisis, but these disasters are on my front door,” said New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) volunteer Charlie Olver. “Clean drinking water isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a basic human right.” 

In addition to NYPIRG, representatives from the New Paltz Socialists, Resisterhood, Extinction Rebellion and Cricket Valley Resistance also spoke to the protesters on their experiences in activism and how to get more involved in the fight against climate change.

Amanda M Gordon

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