My First Time: Sebastian Gordon-Somers-Archer

By Danielle Grossi

On the final day to vote for the 2016 presidential election, students and faculty of SUNY New Paltz had the opportunity to vote on campus in the multipurpose room located in the Student Union Building. The crowd was a manageable size, and members of the campus were able to cast their votes throughout the day.

First time voters, like sophomore Sebastian Gordon-Somers-Archer, revealed what it was like voting for the first time.  Sebastian admitted that it was a bit confusing, but he made sure to take his time.

“I was definitely a little lost when it was my turn, but I was actually very excited knowing I was voting for something so important,” he said. “I am confident in my vote for Hillary Clinton,” he said. “Times are changing and she is big for social change, which is why I think she would be a great president.”

Gordon-Somers explains why he’s voting today. “It is important to vote because of how many people died just to gain the right to do so,” he said. “We live in a very privileged time, and we always take that for granted. Voting has a really big effect on our lives, so we should all be putting in our say.”


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