Being Digital: Robots Replacing Humans

Students from Professor Howard Good’s Being Digital class created one minute visual interpretations of a technological ideology. For the fall 2015 semester, the students had a choice of many multimedia options, such as stop-frame animation, traditional animation or simply a video. In a dystopian technologically-infused world, we will see no problem with replacing our organic-based bodies with robotic replacements. McGreedy’s represents a brand that will cash in on the technopoly and create a new social norm.

McGreedy from Hannah Brass on Vimeo.

Filmed by Bart Berson

Edited by Hannah Brass

Featuring Nick Enderle, Chris Ricci, and Hannah Brass

Music: Incompetech

DigInfo TV

Visit the other videos in the series:

In Being Digital: The Age of iPhone Addicts, Holly Lipka and Liz Gaschler produced a video interpretation of a quote by Slavoj Zizek , which describes society’s desire for superficial material items.


Hannah Brass

My name is Hannah Brass and I’m from Central Valley, New York. I’m a journalism major. I’ve been a DJ at WFNP for the past year. I desire to be a radio journalist and write for music related publications.

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