Earth Day in New Paltz

On April 22, SUNY New Paltz students showed their support for environmentally-friendly practices by celebrating Earth Day. The Eco-friendly spirit didn’t stop there. Festivities took place all week on campus and in town to celebrate our Earth and promote sustainable living. Check out The Little Rebellion’s coverage of Earth Day and all things green here!

Beginning May 1, SUNY New Paltz will have a new campus sustainability coordinator. Lisa Mitten is a certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate, and a graduate of University of Maryland and Hofstra University. Previously, Mitten has worked on a variety of project types, including educational facilities, housing complexes, recreation centers and office buildings, as well as on construction projects with LEED targets from Certified to Gold. Mitten’s most recent position was with the firm of Project Management Services Inc., in McLean, Virginia.

Brian Pine, former director of facilities operations and maintenance on campus, will come out of retirement to return to New Paltz as part-time campus energy coordinator. The new position is funded by non-state-based sources; responsibilities include initiating energy grants, working with campus constituencies to lower energy costs on campus and implementing strategies to lower the carbon footprint on campus.

Together, the two staff additions will constitute the staff of the Campus Sustainability Office, a new spearhead for sustainability efforts at SUNY New Paltz. Including: implementing priorities outlined in the campus sustainability plan, working with and educating the campus community, improving recycling efforts and reducing energy use, assisting faculty and staff in implementing sustainable initiatives, overseeing campus energy audits, and reviewing and initiating building operation strategies based on data from the campus energy metering system.

The Office of Campus Sustainability will be located in the Service Building with their contact information listed in our on-line “people-finder.”

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Humans vs. Zombies

Mon Apr 22 , 2013
Humans Vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a moderated game of tag played outdoors on college campuses throughout the SUNY system and around the world. It involves two teams, “Humans” and “Zombies”. Every semester at SUNY New Paltz, there is typically a one week-long game of HvZ.
A group of "zombies" chase the "humans" across a bridge over the pond on the SUNY New Paltz campus. Photo by Faith Gimzek.

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