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In 2008,  the turnout of voters between the ages 18-29 was the second highest in history as young people rallied behind Barack Obama and propelled him to victory, according to CIRCLE, a nonpartisan research center at Tufts University.

According to a study by the Pew research center, young voters made up between 17 and 21 percent of the total turnout for the 2008 presidential election, specifically for the Democratic Party.

We at The Little Rebellion hope the same enthusiasm will re-surge in time for this year’s election.

Despite statistics, we all know that apathy in college-aged voters is a common and disappointing reality. In recent town and village elections, the campus has seen an abysmal voter turnout.

It’s easy to lose track of these issues when trudging through the day to day grind of classes, work and play, but it does come at a cost. As hokey as it sounds, standing aside and allowing decisions to be made for us takes away one of our most sacred rights.

We understand that after a period of apparent inaction from the government many of us feel disillusioned and discouraged. However, the only way to change the situation is to voice our concerns.

We at SUNY New Paltz pride ourselves on being a socially conscious community and we expect to see a similar fervor and passion for the issues at the polls. We shouldn’t sit idly by as our decisions are made for us.

We commend the student volunteers working with the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) to encourage students to register to vote. They give their time freely to ensure  that students can take action and make changes.

We urge students to head out to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, whether it be on campus, in town or back home. Our voices should not go unheard.

The Little Rebellion

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