Film Student Opens for Wale at New Paltz

Sam Lachow is seen outside spending time with friends. It is the weekend before the Wale concert, and he has one rehearsal to prepare. While some may find opening before a well-known rapper to be intimidating, Lachow is excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“When I found out that Wale was going to perform I said, ‘I got to open for this guy,’” said Lachow. “Since I don’t go to this school, it was hard for me to get information on how to do it.”

SUNY New Paltz posted on Facebook that bands could submit their videos to open for Wale. Lachow sent his last minute, thinking it was worth to send one in, but not knowing that he would actually get the call.

Sam Lachow, 21, is a former student of SUNY New Paltz who has a strong passion for producing music.  His most popular song, LittleManBigCity has reached over 60,000 views on Youtube.  Growing up in Seattle, he built a strong fan base through his first group, Shankbone. Now that he lives in New York City, he is building one here by playing competitions and open mics.

“It is all about hard work,” says Lachow. “You really need to put yourself out there and practice your craft.”

Lachow began his career with music in middle school when he began a group with his friends called Shankbone. While being in Shankbone, he recorded five albums and directed videos making him a well-known artist in Seattle. With that success he was able to break out into a solo artist and launch two albums: Brand New Bike and Avenue Music.

“We sold CDs and we actually made money from it. I was doing all the work in Shankbone so I became a solo artist.”

Lachow focuses his music based on flow. It is more of how something is said and not the actual words.  He studies Andre 3000 and Notorious B.I.G. and their uses of “flow” as an influence to his own music.

“I am way more interesting flow with hip-hop music. I think it is more about choosing the flow and how the words fit in to it.”

While his is music mainly hip hop, Sam Lachow looks to other genres for inspiration. He likes to add jazz by adding saxophones to his music, pop, soul and funk. What makes his music popular is him always searching for inspiration to create new beats.

“Each song is unique and my fans expect a new beat, video and an overall production,” explains Lachow. “I think my fans can relate to my music and appreciate the hard work I put into it.”

Aside from music, Lachow’s other passion is film. His music videos are directed and edited by himself. His goal is to have his music spread, build a bigger fan base and to make a living through film and music.

“I want to make an album every year. By the time I’m 30 I want to have ten albums.”

Lachow currently studies film at City College in New York City.  His plan for the future is to continue making films and music. For more information, visit his website,

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