Whining is Healthy

Miss Daisy researcher presentd. Photo by Crystal Patterson


The EvoS Program organizes opportunities for faculty and students at New Paltz to develop a deep understanding of evolutionary ideas, conduct cross-disciplinary research using evolution as a synthesizing paradigm, and contribute to novel ideas across disciplines guided by evolutionary reasoning. The program is also funded partly with a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation.

This lecture is a part of the Darwin Day series. The Evolutionary Studies department invited 7 professionals in science to speak for this spring semester from February 6th to April 30th meeting for an hour in the CSB Auditorium.


  • Feb. 13: The Prince of Evolution

Lee Dugatkin, Ph.D.


  • Feb. 27: Darwinian Medicine: Maybe There is Something to this Evolution Thing

Robb Wolf


  • March 5: Men at Risk: Understanding Sex Differences in Human Mortality Rates with an Evolutionary Life History Framework

Dan Kruger, Ph.D.


  • April 2: Why Ask, “How?”

Adam Goldstein, Ph.D.


  • April 9: Evolution, Personality, and the Varieties of Fictional Experience

David Michelson


  • April 30: Evolved to Cabaret: Expressing Human Behavioral Evolution Through Costume Design

Andrea Varga & Laura Johnsen

Raffle tickets are given out to audience members who attend to draft for prizes at the beginning of each the lecture!