My Test: Darcy Reddan’s Blackout Challenge

While most students picked up pencils and paper for their final Fall 2011 exams, Professor Lisa Phillip’s Digital Storytelling class picked up video cameras instead. Their goal: take on personal challenges and compellingly document their very real experiences in video. Here are some of their final projects about their personal chronicles:

Darcy Reddan puts himself through a self-imposed media blackout for four days, isolating himself from information concerning the outside world.

Produced by: Darcy Reddan

Alyssa Klein, a dedicated hip-hop dancer despite her back problems, challenged herself learn ballet, face the pain and trials of a new skill, and go on to perform it in front of an audience.

Josh Rossman survives on just 1000 calories a day and faces preparing for his final semester assignments at the same time.

Joann Syrek, a habitual meat eater, tackles a completely vegetarian and gluten-free diet and not only discovers how difficult it is to maintain her willpower but also the very limited options of a campus diet.

Samantha Taibi confronts her fears of public speaking by participating in a karaoke night at a local bar.

Jessica Gelbart musters the courage to play solo onstage when her comfort zone doesn’t include public performance.

Howard Yew prepares an American thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday with his family for the first time.

Eric Hazucha spends five days as a vegetarian and the difficulty adapting to an alternate lifestyle.

Lauren Reid, not exactly a cook, buys groceries and prepares a dinner party for her friends for the first time, preparing for harsh criticism.



The Little Rebellion

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