Media Mirror: Why the Kids Hate Mark Zuckerberg, Now.


         The dreaded Facebook update season is here.

The only thing more annoying than Facebook changing is having everyone complain about how they hate the “new Facebook” on the website itself.

Is this layout worse than the last? Are people just afraid of change?

One interesting change is the fact that the “top stories” and “recent updates” are on the same page. The most popular stories now appear at the top of the news feed, followed by the most recent updates underneath. There is also a tab on each “story” to help you decide what becomes a top story. You can simply click on the upper-mid-right selection that says “recent stories” to get rid of them all together.

Another new addition is that you can scroll your heart out, and view all of the content with less clicking. For your stalking pleasure, you can select specific people to follow more intensely, by putting them on a list over to the left.

If your itching to know more useless things about other peoples lives, worry not. Following you on the upper-right corner is another feed! This is filled with things that don’t deserve to be on your normal feed, and you are forced to see it everywhere you go! The only two things that really matter on the home page, events and birthdays, lie underneath the sidebar.

To make a long story short, yes, everyone is complaining about a free website making a few changes that doesn’t make it harder or easier to use. Yes, some of the new features are useless.

But so is  Facebook.

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