College Life on the Cheap: Local Businesses Offer Student Discounts

Students at SUNY New Paltz aren’t just keeping a close eye on their grades this semester — they’re also closely watching their wallets.

“I feel like I spend way too much money. At the end of the week I always feel guilty wasting money,” said Gabrielle Blinderman, a second year communications and media major, of Staten Island.

Fortunately for students like Blinderman, many local stores in the Village of New Paltz give student discounts. A simple walk through town can offer plenty of savings on art supplies, tans, school-spirited clothing, and even some college essentials.

Art students shopping at Manny’s Art Supplies on Main Street simply need to look down at some of the papers on the check-out counter to be reminded of their 20 percent discount.

“Even though the sign isn’t in the window anymore, it’s year round,” said Marilyn Golgoski, an employee. She added that professors can also cash in on the savings as well.

Students who forget about the discount there are in luck — Rhinebeck Artist’s Shop on Church Street also offers 20 percent off everything year round. And it’s okay if students forget there too, as long as Kris Hedley is working — he has no problem reminding them.

“If someone looks like they’re a student, I’ll ask them. Nine times out of 10, they are,” Hedley said. He noted that the store is not necessarily upfront about the discount, but they’ll never deny it to a student either.

He also stated how business of the art shop is driven mainly by students.

“Most businesses here are student driven,” said Aga Piqueras, of Mixture on Main Street. She also states how the store is extremely busy during the back to school and holiday seasons, but seems almost empty in the summer when most students go home.

Of course Mixture is busy when students are roaming on Main Street — “10% Student Discount” is painted in their window. Who would pass up savings on clothing promoting New Paltz or essentials like umbrellas?

Walk a little farther into town for a good tan at SUNY Tanning on N. Chestnut Street, and just ask owner Mari lu Ciardiello if there are any student discounts. Ciardiello will give a list of ongoing deals.

“You can get three months for $100, buy one tan get one half off, or even a package deal,” Ciardiello said. She then adds, “or you don’t even need a package. I can give you the individual price too.”

Just a flash of a student identification card can help New Paltz in more ways than one. So go ahead, students — take out a library book, go work out at the gym, and even go shopping.

Chelsea Hirsch

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