WOTS: Nickelodeon Brings Back the ’90s, Mouth Watering Burgers, Utah: the US is a Republic

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Nickelodeon will be airing classic Nick shows from the ’90s late nights.

Pay $25 to see Mike from the Jersey shore at a Virginia club? We’ve got ourselves a situation.

Tom Brady, getting down at Carnival.

Woah! Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife has a crazy six-pack.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a nice chicken fried steak.

Still, you have to appreciate a nice burger, too.

McDonald’s is the latest diet of champions.

Aaah! Everybody run! A crazy Brooklyn high schooler attacked her classmate with acid.

BREAKING NEWS: The US is no longer a democracy according to Utah politicians.

Viva la social media! Fidel Castro has 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Judge demonstrates his passion for justice when he rugby tackles a sex offender as he tries to flee the courtroom.


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