Best Dressed in New Paltz: Eden Neidorff

Eden Neidorff’s freckle-flecked face, doe-like eyes and silver hoop nose ring aren’t what set her apart from most girls. It’s her appealing fashion style: nonchalant, cool and sexy. A third-year SUNY New Paltz student, Neidorff hails from Jericho, Long Island. However, her effortless style transcends the many replicated Long Island ‘Juicy Couture sweat suit wearing’ girls.

“Don’t get me wrong, I tried to fit in for maybe about a year by wearing my ‘hand-me-down’ Juicy sweat pants,” said Neidorff.  “But I discovered Betsey Johnson and realized I can wear whatever the fuck I wanted to wear.”

First impressions can be lasting. Neidorff’s closet is color coordinated with the help of a highly-organized, obsessive-compulsive friend. An array of patterns, textures and materials overflow with distinctive pieces that are either oversized, cropped, low-cut or high waisted.

“It’s all long or short, but there is nothing like wearing no pants and no bra,” said Neidorff. “I always find myself drawn to the extreme ends of the spectrum.”

Neidorff draws inspiration from different areas of her life; from random people on the street, her best friend and NYU student, Eleni Gregoriou and, especially, her grandma, Elaine Goldberg, a sassy woman who has been collecting fashionable pieces for years. Like her grandma, Eden’s collection has been growing as well. It is always a mix of old and new, tiny knit shirts from her grandma, big grandpa-like vintage sweaters from Salvation Army and the occasional splurge on $500 Michael Kors boots.

“I like to pick and choose from other people’s real life styles and make it one cohesive statement,” said Neidorff. “My mom and grandma were always expressive in clothing, I guess a lot of that came over to me.”

Although her most familiar look is off the shoulder or low cut sides, worn-in shirts and high waisted jeans, it is her no-bra wearing that makes Neidorff infamous. The thin delicate shirts allow her nipple piercings to peek through and Neidorff doesn’t care. She feels the most comfortable not wearing a bra.

“I hate bras. I feel people try to wear clothes that make their body something that its not,” said Neidorff. “Not wearing a bra is probably the most natural thing a woman can do.”

Neidorff also won’t be caught dead in an Urban Outfitters. Being trendy, always buying expensive apparel, and following fashion magazines isn’t what fashion is to her.

“I don’t follow trends, but what the fuck does that even mean?” said Neidorff. “To me, there is no such thing as a trendsetter nowadays. Everybody dresses like they’re from whichever decade that inspires them that morning”

Neidorff is always trying to wear and rotate everything in her closet. Her collection grows and accumulates. Sometimes she is unable to let go of items, wearing them down to their very last wear.

“All of my clothes eventually get holes,” said Neidorff. “I either get clothes with holes and rips in them, or I’ll make new holes but I still won’t get rid of them.”

Kathy Kim

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