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On Feb.10, Egyptian President  Hosni Mubarak announced in his speech to the Egyptian people that he would be delegating his authority to Vice President Omar Suleiman, but would not resign. Egyptian protesters were enraged and warned of violence as early as Friday. Mubarak seems to be testing the will of the Egyptian people, who seem determined to uproot him from his position that he has held since 1981.

On Feb.10, President Obama held a speech in Marquette, Mich. where he endorsed plans to bring high-speed internet connection to all Americans. Facebook for everyone!

The 53rd Grammy Awards are taking place this Sunday, Feb. 13 on CBS. I wonder what Lady Gaga will be wearing.

The madness of Super Bowl XLV has finally ended, dignifying itself as the most watched television program ever. Apart from the ratings aspect, the Super Bowl had its own blunders: Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem, some key commercials were aired before the game began and the seating fiasco that caused hundreds of ticket-holders to watch the game outside instead.

Activision, the manufacturer of Guitar Hero, has announced that the game will discontinue development, despite plans for a new release in 2011. On the bright side, you can learn to play the real guitar. Or you can just give into the Rock Band franchise, which is essentially the same game.

New York Fashion Week started today, although here at The Little Rebellion, every day is a fashion show.

Miche Bag, a Utah-based handbag company, has raised $700,000 in bag sales for cancer research. Be fashionable for a good cause!

Do you sometimes feel that your IQ is too low? Well, that is not the least of worries — your IQ could be so low that a court could ban you from having sex. Yikes.

Jim Jones, the artist behind the world famous song, “Fly High (Ballin’)‘,” is being sued for having two women being shown topless one of his music videos… Not ballin’, bro.

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