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Students in England attacked Prince Charles’ car this week because of a proposed tuition hike. They smashed a window and threw paint on the car. No one was hurt. Considering SUNY’s current situation, maybe we should follow suit?

Suits are the staple of business attire. But if you’re a philosophy major, you probably won’t have to worry about buying one any time soon. You’ll probably have more important things to worry about buying, like food.

T.I. doesn’t have to worry about buying food, because he’s in jail, and food’s free there. But he did just release a new album, which we’re pretty pumped about. Especially because he said prison is making him smarter.

The drug-wielding rapper might be better off than your infant child if you’re letting it sit in front of the TV for too long. We hope you already knew that, but we’re just making sure.

Still, we can’t help but gush over new technologies. We heard a rumor about an iPad 2 being released.

But let’s go back to the old school. Music legend Willie Nelson is at it again! Did he ever stop? He was arrested on Nov. 26 for possessing six ounces of marijuana by the U.S. Border Patrol and could face up to two years in prison.

Speaking of prison, Julian Assange, founder of the Wikileaks, was arrested on December 7th in London for charges unrelated to the cables, and more related to unwanted sexual activity. Despite his potential prison stint, he’s still leading all other candidates for TIME magazine’s coveted “Person of the Year.”

Barack Obama was TIME’s person of the year in 2008, but now more and more media outlets are suggesting that the president might face a primary in 2012. Politico, though, doubts it.

BABY AARDVARK!!!! Ahem. Have a great holiday.

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