Word on the Street is…

The biggest buzz around campus: Four Loko is on it’s way out. The state will stop distributing the caffeine-infused, Jolly Rancher-esque “blackout in a can” early this December.

To prove Four Loko’s alleged dangerous affects, Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz decided to try it himself. The New York lawmaker’s heart rate shot up, he got blitzed, and then he promptly vomited. He then got a slice of pizza. Classic.

This isn’t going to stop Four Loko, though. The company released a statement saying they will eventually take all the caffeine and guarana out on their product so that it can be sold again in New York.

In other “silly politician” news, Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin is renaming his dog. He is inviting all Russians to submit ideas via the internet, of which he will pick the best one. In Soviet Russia, DOG name YOU!

You can decide whether you think this next one is “silly politician” news. Sarah Palin is now seriously considering running for President in 2012, and is confident she could beat President Obama if she did.

Donald Trump wants to run for President too.

Here at The Little Rebellion, we love bacon. But we’re not too sure about this one: Bacon Soda.

Bacon soda or not, it’s food season! Thanksgiving is coming up, and though we’re thankful for turkey and stuffing, we’re also thankful for leftovers. Here are five not-so-common things you can make with your leftover turkey. Eat up!

Have a great break!

Emily Atkin

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