Well-being with Meaning: SUNY New Paltz Thanksgiving Food Drive!

Athletics, Wellness & Recreation and Residence Life are sponsoring a Thanksgiving Food Drive through Nov.20. Food and canned items will be donated in boxes situated in the lobby of the Athletic & Wellness Center, the Student Union and all of the residence halls. The collected food will be donated to The Queens Galley in Kingston, a non-profit organization concerned with relief and prevention of food deprivation throughout America.

The food drive finishes with the Intramural 5K Turkey Trot at 1pm on Nov. 20. *Runners must contribute one canned item in order to participate.*

GET TO IT AND DONATE! Here are items that were recommended by The Queens Galley, but keep in mind other items are accepted as well: butter, olive oil, bacon, celery, fresh carrots, onion, fresh fruit, oatmeal (steel cut or irish), barley, cous cows, quinoa, dried beans, rice, pasta, better than bouillion concentrate jars, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, brown sugar, lemons, fresh vegetables, light cream, half and half, whipping (heavy) cream, fresh fluid milk, spices, fresh herbs, kosher salt, sea salt, cider or other 100% fruit juice, coffee, tea bags, cocoa mix, flour, sugar, cleaning supplies (BLEACH!), warm socks, gloves, hats and sweaters.

Any contributions are appreciated. Good luck with the remaining two weeks of school before vacation! You can do it!

Cat Juliano

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