Rebel TV: Students Take on Media Ethics

Disaster Porn by Alana Davis, Julia Amberg, and Sara Rabot

Three students from Howard Good’s spring 2010 Media Ethics class delve into the issue of the media’s coverage of disastrous events such as 9/11 and the earthquake in Haiti. Using the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics, the Bok Model and other ethical decision-making models, they come to conclusions concerning the exploitative ways the media goes about covering such events.
The Media-Lobbying Complex: Conflicts of Interest in the News Media by George Selby, Sarah Boalt, and Mike Blumenfeld

This video, put together for Howard Good’s Spring 2010 Media Ethics class, raises the ethical issue of news analysts who do not disclose their connections to certain TV stations before offering their “objective” opinions on-air. Barry McCaffrey and Bernard Whitman are used as examples to expose this important and troubling ethical issue.

Photo Manipulation by Chelsea LaDue, Samantha Urbanski, Joshua Rodriguez and Chanel Arias

The ongoing issue of retouching images and the influence that magazines and advertisements have over society is laid out using the TARES Model for ethical decision making in this video put together by students from Howard Good’s spring 2010 Media Ethics class.
Anonymous Commenters: An Ethical Dilemma for Online News by Maxim Alter, Justin McCarthy, and Kim Plummer

With journalism making its shift to the Internet more and more each day, a group of students from Howard Good’s spring 2010 Media Ethics class use the Potter Box to explore the ethical issue of anonymity for malicious and unwarranted commentary made on online news stories.

The Little Rebellion

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