Well-being with Meaning: Eating Healthy On Campus

Hey lovers and friends! I’m wondering how your first couple of weeks at school are going. For all of you who aren’t on the SUNY Campus, I hope you’re enjoying this absolutely beautiful weather! It’s a great time to go for a long bike ride! Here’s something really exciting for students here at New Paltz:

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn H. Gezo, SUNY New Paltz’s campus dietitian and certified nutritionist, so she and I could talk about some healthy options offered around our campus. She was kind enough to compose this simple yet helpful guide to avoiding the dreadful ‘freshman fifteen’ weight gain. Whether you are a student or not, these helpful tools could pave the way toward a healthier and happier well-being. Making one simple change in your life, such as not eating an unhealthy snack before bed or drinking more water throughout your day, could significantly change your well-being.

With that said, please read this wonderful piece Evelyn wrote. Remember, each person is different. If you don’t exactly know what a ‘healthy choice’ may be or what your individual body needs, don’t be afraid to email Evelyn with questions. Evelyn is kind, enthusiastic and incredibly easy to talk to. I’m sure she would help answer some of your questions so you can start moving in the right direction. If you find delicious and healthy food choices around town as well, please attach it below the article. The more the better!

Healthful Eating Tips on SUNY Campus

College students often complain that they have gained the “Freshman Fifteen” and have few healthy choices on campus. Studies show that this gain in weight is actually about an average of seven pounds during the first semester on campus. Many factors may contribute to this change in weight, including a decrease in physical activity, poor sleep habits, late-night snack deliveries, stress, endless food choices, and alcohol consumption.
But students have a lot of healthy options!  Here are some tips:

  • Keep some breakfast and snack options in your room such as cereal, fruit, whole wheat mini bagels, whole wheat crackers, nut butters, low fat yogurt and cheese.
  • Avoid the temptation to eat that extra meal like pizza and other late night deliveries while studying, instead opt for low fat microwave popcorn, baked pretzels, dried fruit and nuts.
  • Stay hydrated and keep water in your backpack and limit alcohol intake.
  • Check out the simple choice options at Hasbrouck Dining Hall — plain baked chicken, baked potatoes and plain fish at lunch and dinner
  • Try some brown rice and steamed broccoli from the Vegan Bar
  • Hasbrouck Dining Hall offers local produce, cage free eggs, organic teas and coffees
  • Fresh fruit 24/7 in every color of the rainbow…take some back to your room!
  • Visit the salad bar that is stocked with beautiful vegetables, low fat cottage cheese and yogurt, nuts, raisins, beans and greens.
  • Select a healthy cereal choice like Rice Chex or Cheerios and top with fat free Milk. (Hasbrouck also offers Soy milk! (added by Cat 🙂 )
  • Move that body …don’t be a “Dorm Mat”.

*REMEMBER – the responsibility for eating healthfully begins with the individual! Make your choice…balance is the key.                     

Healthy regards,

Evelyn H. Gezo, MS,RD,CDNCASCampus Registered Dietitian/NYS Certified Nutritionist

For more information, contact Evelyn at gezoe@newpaltz.edu.

Cat Juliano

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