Postcards from the Edge: Academics

This is not a movie.  College does not revolve around keggers and frat parties. The biggest concern is not what outfit to wear to the bar, despite what Hollywood thinks. College is not that final you somehow pass after skipping class for a full semester. It is not large rooms full of anonymous strangers and droning professors. College is not leaving with a job that pays you well, a set idea of your future or a predictable view of rest of your life.

College does not make us; we make it. College is finding that one class that can change your life. College is pulling all-nighters to finish a paper and then waking up early to get to class on time. College is real life: a chaotic mess of awkward experiences, academic missteps and uneasy emotions.

Click the links below for:

“Double Shot” by Pamela Vivanco

“Tending Class” by Julie Mansmann

“Room 306” by Michelle Feliciano

“Taking the Trash In” by Jennifer Von Willer

“Lost in Translation” by Jaime Prisco

Spring 2010 Literature of Journalism class

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Postcards from the Edge: Money

Wed May 5 , 2010
There’s one thing every college student has to deal with: money. Whether earning it, spending it or losing it—it’s a constant struggle. For many students, college is the first time in their lives they’re completely on their own. They all deal with finances differently.  Some find jobs, while others continue […]

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