Guy Friends

My cousin was driving me back to school from visiting her in New Jersey for the weekend. We were somewhere up the Thruway when she said it.

“It’s cool that you love your guy friends so much, but what are you going to do later?”

Later? I thought. All I had thought about “later” was that I would return to my dorm room, toss aside my suitcase, and excitedly bound up several flights of stairs to hang out in the guys’ suite on the third floor.

“What do you mean?” I cautiously asked. Kate is in the homestretch of becoming a psychologist, so I should be used to her picking apart my brain by now.

“Kellie, haven’t you ever thought about your guy friends getting married one day?”

I hadn’t.

Sure, I had given my own wedding a thought—big, girly, and emotional. What girl hasn’t? But the thought of those goofballs leaving the TV long enough to get girlfriends never really crossed my mind.

“If you think dealing with their girlfriends is tough, think about wives. Wives don’t take shit regardless of how close you are or how much history you have.”

Kate is 10 years my senior and more like a sister than anything else. Her words are truth, and I know it.

She pulled her Subaru up onto the curb outside my dorm. After quick hugs and goodbyes, I watch her drive off.

Crap. Suddenly Super Smash Brothers doesn’t sound too appealing. Maybe I should ask my roommate to paint my nails pink instead.

Kellie Noshfar

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