Group Project

“What do I call her?” Amanda asks.

“I think she changed her name again” Emily whispers across the table in the college library. “She shouldn’t be allowed to do that. It’s confusing. Why does she have to be so ballsy?”

“Well, what did she write on the project last time?” I ask. “We can just go by that and act like we knew the whole time.”

We met up in the library to do a group project for our Women Studies course. We need to figure out her name before she gets here. Amanda is riffling through papers, trying to find the assignment that has all our names on it.

“I found it!” Amanda screeches, warranting glances from our neighbors.

“What’s it say? What’s it say?”

We peer over her shoulder to read the names: Maria, Amanda, Emily and Albert.


“Well that can’t be right. Right?” Amanda says.

That was her original name. She had a sex change last year. Her name has changed a few times in the process.

Albert saunters in wearing a pink tank top with skinny jeans and black heels. She has long black hair, which is pulled behind her ears to show sliver chandelier earrings. You’d never think she was previously an Albert.

“Sorry, I’m late,” she says taking a seat at the table. “What’s the first question?”

“What’s the difference between sex and gender?”

Maria Jayne

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