Facebook Faceoff: A Competition for Attention

Sounds of furious typing and constant clicking can be heard in classes held in the computer labs at SUNY New Paltz.  These sounds represent the struggle of professors to get the attention of their students when there is a computer staring them in the face.  It’s becoming a demoralizing issue for teachers who are upset that they’re competing with Facebook for their students’ attention. Lisa Phillips, adjunct professor of journalism, has taken steps to re-gain control of her classroom.

Listen to Facebook Faceoff: A Competition for Attention here.

Reported by Julia Amberg. Scripted and produced by Kim Plummer.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Faceoff: A Competition for Attention

  1. It is definitely frustrating and I empathize with professors. It is so true what Lisa said about students possibly not realizing the distraction they cause to themselves and how that affects their learning but rather that they are multi-tasking.
    Would be perfect if there was a way to ban access to these social networking sites on college campuses.

  2. In the end, it’s the student’s decision whether to taint their education, to distract themselves or not. Banning access to social networking sites would be wrong, an infringement on student freedom. Better for the professor to simply say, “If I see you on Facebook, you get an F.”

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