Braveheart Upstarts Come to Campus


By James Leggate

It’s a peaceful Sunday afternoon on the quad. Hungover students are beginning to slowly wake. Suddenly, the calm is interrupted by shouts and running feet as the two groups of medieval fantasy adventurers begin a fight over territory.

Within a few minutes, the conflict is over. The dead stand back up and they prepare for the next round.

Sound unusual? Well, it is. It’s called “live action role-playing,” or LARP, and it’s a new club started by third-year student Lauren Coluccio and second-year student Claire Lines. They use homemade imitation weapons called “boffers” built from PVC pipe, foam and lots of duct tape. Some of the LARPers have their own costumes and weapons, but others show up in civilian clothes and borrow their arms from the club.

According to Coluccio, who is dressed in a cape and elf ears, students on campus have had varied responses to the group.

“Usually people just stare at us and are like, ‘what are they doing?’ But sometimes people just get in there,” Coluccio said, noting one specific incident in which a student dressed as a Jedi from “Star Wars” approached her mid-battle and hit her with a plastic lightsaber.

LARPing has been gaining popularity recently after being exposed to the public in the 2008 movie “Role Models,” which depicts large-scale LARP battles.

The SUNY New Paltz LARP club, however, only boasts about eight regular members. Coluccio says the club would ideally like to be able to hold a larger event.

One of the problems the club faces is the high costs associated with LARPing. Lines referenced a Web site which sells professionally-made boffers which range from $60 and higher.

“They look really great but they cost more than we can afford,” she said.

However, Coluccio and Lines have recently figured out the costs of creating their boffers and are making them available to purchase to other local LARPers. The cheapest option is a dagger for $5. A six-foot William Wallace-style claymore with engraving would cost $19.50.

Coluccio says she has big plans for the club. After applying for approval from the Student Association next semester, she hopes to get funding for a trip to participate in a larger LARP in New Jersey.

Lines, however, is less enthusiastic.

“Do I really want to go on a road trip with the LARPers for three hours? I’m not sure.”

James Leggate

2 thoughts on “Braveheart Upstarts Come to Campus

  1. It is easy to be pessimistic. LARPing is not an easy thing to get people involved in. Claire and Lauren however can not give up. Once they get school funding, a hell of a lot of advertising venues and other options for getting the club up and running will open up. How do I know? Having 2 years of running clubs at SUNY Purchase.

    I was there the day those photos were taken, and indeed, it was a small but fun group of people. Hopefully when the club becomes official, the player base will expand – and with it, I hope personally, the variety of Live Role Playing Games that are run. I hope to bring my own LARP over to New Paltz when I transfer there in the future (year to year and a half at most if all goes well), so look forward to that.

    Claire and Lauren, never give up. Use all the resources you can, and keep pushing. Try out new ideas, get more people to help. YOU CAN DO IT! 😀

  2. It’s great to hear about groups like this. Coming from a non-school LARP setting, we really do depend upon college and high school students’ interest to bring fresh ideas into the hobby. LARPers who start during high school and college tend to be among the most enthusiastic players. We would love to see this group take a field trip. They’re always welcome at one of our sites in nearby New Jersey.

    -Seventh Kingdom IGE

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