Yes We Can! is a for profit Web site created by the New York Yankees to provide the most up to date information about the team for their fans in a quick and convenient manner. The Web site provides various types of original content including blogs and videos and overall, is easy to navigate. Everything has a link directly on the home page and there is always plenty of new and interesting content available.

There are many different blogs on where fans can discuss their opinions about the Yankees and other sports teams. Fans are able to communicate with television hosts as well. One of the hosts, Kimberly Jones, recently blogged about how the Yankees’ bullpen is doing. She also gave her predictions for the first week of the NFL season and leaves reminders about the upcoming Yankees games such as what channel they are on and what time they start.

Another blog is Mrs. Singy’s, written by the wife of Orioles Hall of Famer and YES broadcaster Ken Singleton. She talks about what is going on with Singleton and other Hall of Famers. Another blog on the site is Football NYC, which discusses what is going on with the Giants and Jets and other big football news. Yes Network is also the official home of the New Jersey Nets.

Videos on the Web site range from highlights from the latest Yankee game, to press conferences, to videos of Yes Network television shows. The highlights are very convenient because you can still catch the most important and exciting parts of a game even if you miss it. Yes Network blows all other Web sites out of the water when it comes to up to date coverage of the Yankees. It provides the best information on injuries, trades, standings and everything else Yankees related. If you’re a Yankees fan, or just a baseball fan in general, it is worth checking out.

John Maisano

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