TLR Staff

“The Little Rebellion is an independent online digital publication produced by SUNY New Paltz students. We strive to be a creative platform for alternative news and viewpoints. We’ve grown into a multimedia experience that explores talent from our eclectic community. In our passion for telling stories, we embrace the culture of New Paltz and offer a fresh perspective. No agenda. No bias. Just a little rebellion now and then.”

  • Founder: Howard Good
  • Executive Editor: Nancy Meyer Heiz
  • Staff Members: Lauren Albanese, Mae Bonnaci, Chelsea Candelario, Katie Cusack, Sara Feinstein, Andrew Frey, Jessica Jones, Natalia Keogan, Melissa Kramer, Caitlin Marinaccio, Kristen Warfield, Kintura Williams
Photo by Andrew Frey
Photo by Andrew Frey

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